Casmara - Longevity - Recovery line treatment

Brand: Casmara
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A very powerful and rejuventating treatment that deals with the skin’s visible skins of aging, prevents the appearance of the first traces of skin deterioration and improves the signs already present.

  • Metabiotics Resveratrol: stimulates and acts on the molecular mechanisms related with cellular longevity.
  • E-Mortal: stimulates and revitalizes the skin’s stem cells to restore cellular functionality and equilibrium.
  • Chondricare: protects the cellular structure that may be exposed to free radicals
  • Collageneer: considered a wrinkle filler due to its potential for increasing type 1 collagen synthesis
  • Phytrogen: diminishes signs of aging, normalizes pigmentation and helps to re-define the face contour.


 Key Ingredients: Metabiotics Resveratrol, E-Mortal, Chondricare, Collageneer, Phytrogen

Skin Type Suitability: All skin types, especially mature



















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