JB Lashes

JB Lashes
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Disposable Mascara brushes 25 pcs
Disposable Mascara brushs 25 pcs ..
IB Eyelash primer 100ml
This specialized protein remover and primer removes all eye makeup, dirt, oil, and other particle..
JB Eyelash Coating Sealant
To use after the application and can be resold to clients. Used to protect from moisture, oil, an..
JB Eyelash Remover Gel
Used to gently yet effectively remove eyelash extensions from the natural eyelashes.  Can be..
JB Eyelash Volume Up Mascara
Exclusive formula that provides volume, length, and curl with essential benefits for extended las..
JB Glue Pro Bond 10ml (Black Cap)
Color: Black, Bonding Power: 4-6 weeks with proper application and client care, Drying Power: 2 -..
JB Lashes - starter Kit
•1 Pro Bonding Glue •1 Gel Remover •1 Premium Black Lashes J-Curl 0.15x8mm, 10mm,12mm  (..
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