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Gehwol Retail
A selection of Gehwol retail products that can be offer to your clients.
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Gehwol - Foot Balm 75 ml
Refreshing and revitalizing foot balm for normal skin. • Treats, deodorizes, and prevents athlete..
Gehwol - Foot Cream Extra 75 ml
Gehwol Foot Cream Extra is ideal for overstrained and, poorly circulated feet. • Deodorizes and d..
Gehwol - Foot Powder 100g
Special disinfectant powder that helps keep feet dry. • Keeps feet dry, smooth, and odourless. • ..
Gehwol - Fusskraft Blue Foot Cream 75 ml
Fusskraft Blue is ideal for burning and tired feet. • Revitalizing camphor and cooling menthol, i..
Gehwol - Fusskraft Green Foot Cream 75 ml
Fusskraft Green is ideal for sweaty feet looking to achieve a natural freshness. • Contains disin..
Gehwol - Fusskraft Herbal Foot Lotion 150ml
Fusskraft Herbal Lotion is ideal for eliminating foot ordour, softening calluses and preventing i..
Gehwol - Fusskraft Leg Vitality 125ml
Fusskraft Leg Vitality is ideal for revitalizing and refreshing tired/heavy legs and feet. • Quic..
Gehwol - Fusskraft Mint Foot Cream 75 ml
Fusskraft Mint makes your feet fresh and fit, before or after an active day. • Revitalizing and r..
Gehwol - Gerland Foot Cream 75 ml
For strained feet and highly stressed skin. • Prevents aching feet, sores, blisters, soreness and..
Gehwol - Gerland Hand Cream 75ml
Gerlan Hand Cream is ideal for overstrained hands looking for a daily and intensive care. • Moist..
Gehwol - Leg Balm 125ml
Leg Balm is ideal for soothing legs and feet. • Soothing effect on reddening and uncleanness of t..
Gehwol - Med Deodorant Foot Cream 75ml
Intensive deodorant foot cream with long-lasting protection. • Based on jojoba oil and aloe vera ..
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