Regains the skin’s pureness, reduces T-zone shine and the visibility of dilated pores, offering the skin consistency

GSE - grapefruit seed extract, matt-effect polymer, vegetable extracts

GSE - grapefruit seed extract
deep and delicate purity
Grapefruit seed extract, rich in polyphenolic components, helps to control the spread of bacteria. it acts selectively on the micro-organisms responsible for skin impurities, respecting the skin’s natural defences.

matt-effect polymer
shiny skin under control
Of biotechnological origin, this is a polymer designed to contrast the effect of sebaceous hypersecretion. It minimises skin imperfections associated with excess sebum, dilated pores and shiny T-zone, restoring the skin’s consistency.

vegetable extracts (spirea, pineapple, pink and purple grapefruit)
dermo-purifying synergy
A selection of vegetable extracts with soothing and purifying virtues that helps to restore the skin’s ph levels, promoting the balance of the skin ecosystem. the skin is visibly more consistent, giving comfort and wellbeing.

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