Added efficacy and unique care. Beauty care plus! The symbiosis of multiple efficacy and unique care. All products of the NEW GENERATION range contain one plus active ingredient that additionally supports the functioning of the main active ingredient. NEW GENERATION from Phyris means: Using new findings, supporting synergy effects and improving efficacy.
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Phyris - New Generation Ampoules Lava Corall Plus 12 pcs
Serum contains high quality botanical extracts integrated in pure volcanic water.  Volca..
Phyris - New Generation Ampoules Lipo Cocoa Plus 12pcs
Serum that helps to balance the skin, reducing lines & wrinkles, and all signs of stress. ..
Phyris - New Generation Ampoules Nano Collagen Plus 12pcs
This serum performs 3 functions designed to improve the skin’s moisture depot and elasticity. ..
Phyris - New Generation Ampoules Oligo Caviar Plus 12pcs
Highly concentrated and nourishing cocktail for the skin that includes all of the important lipids..
Phyris - New Generation SPA Harmony Plus Leave on Mask 9pcs
SPA HARMONY plus LEAVE ON has a very velvety, creamy structure that is perfect for calming and har..
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