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Alex Cosmetic thinks and acts holistically, foremost with cosmetics, but especially with complete solutions, innovative skin care concepts and treatments for virtually every skin condition. Our product formulations are based on the fundamentals of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, herbs and botany, which have evolved over generations and have been designed to reflect the highest standards of today‘s scientific knowledge.

Thanks to the use of modern technology, research & development and continuous discovery of new ingredients, along with with the unlimited possibilities the plant world has to offer, we create products which guarantee maximum effectiveness and safety. Our products can be combined harmoniously making them ideal for the comprehensive care and protection of every skin type. With regular use, skin is cared for and supplied with the essential nutrients it needs to heal, regulate and revitalize itself. 

Discover Alex Cosmetic care products: natural, progressive, convincing, highly effective, individual ... and with a realistic promise! Complete care for healthy, radiant, beautiful skin. For every need. For every skin type.

Model: 1.4032
Specialty mask with Dead Sea Salt.Soothes, hydrates and abates impurities at a faster rateBENEFITS:Alleviates inflammation and calms (Panthenol)Has an antibacterial function (Urea)Normalizes sebaceous production (Ascorbic Acid, Maris Sal (Sea Salt)Binds moisture, relaxes and soothes (Shea Butter, Ur..
Model: 1.4031
Care to go - the Alex Cosmetic hand cream "Hands on" is perfect for the handbag. The skin on our hands can become dry and irritated, especially in the winter or when we wash our hands frequently. Our vegan formulation hand cream provides the skin with sufficient moisture and prevents dry skin. ..
Model: 1.4013
A hydrating and regenerating specialty gel to aid and activate the herbs2peel method. Prevents skin irritation, regenerates and helps return skin’s moisture balance BENEFITS: Soothes and protects the skin Cools, hydrates and traps moisture into the skin Reduces redness and irritation ..
Model: 1.4003
Works in conjunction with Alex Powder (Natural Blend) to incite new cell growth and bind as moisturizer. Helps Herbal Peel Mask to absorb into the skin and calms the skin after the natural herb massage.BENEFITS:Soothes and protects the skinRelieves tension and provides hydration to return skin’s moi..
Model: 1.4059
Hydrating, smoothing hydrogel mask for the mouth and lip areaFor clients with a stressed and/or demanding mouth and lip area [vertical and expression lines]Suitable for sensitive skin Ideal before special occasions PRODUCT BENEFITS Innovative mask of 100% hydrogel of natural origin fo..
Model: 1.4152
This spicy-fresh and Mediterranean scented natural soap made from the finest natural rosemary, is a 100% vegan plant soap. This great natural soap is also suitable for daily use for mild, invigorating, disinfecting and stimulating cleaning as well as nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating and refatt..
Model: 1.4100
24h intensive Care. Rich texture. Meticulously formulated to perfection. For skin that deserves more.  Regenerates. Provides. Enlivens. BENEFITS: A superlative basis care - excellent for dry, devitalized skin (Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil,  Almond Oil) Reduce..
Model: 1.4325
"Smock Overall / lab coat / tunic white S, M, L" Easy-care tunic for ladies in white with long sleeves...
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