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Alex Cosmetic Lip Booster Mask

Alex Cosmetic Lip Booster Mask
Alex Cosmetic Lip Booster Mask

Hydrating, smoothing hydrogel mask for the mouth and lip area

  • For clients with a stressed and/or demanding mouth and lip area [vertical and expression lines]
  • Suitable for sensitive skin 
  • Ideal before special occasions 


  • Innovative mask of 100% hydrogel of natural origin for a smooth, younger-looking mouth area and lip and mouth area 
  • The mask completely covers the lip and mouth area, fits perfectly like a second skin and improves the absorption of the contained active ingredients 
  • The mask provides maximum moisture and care, the lip and mouth area are filled, vertical and expression lines are reduced, the skin feels smoother and softer 
  • The active ingredients stored in the mask are absorbed immediately without leaving a greasy film 
  • Extra care with ideal results before special occasions, the effect is enhanced in combination with a serum [ABSOLUTE HYALURON ESSENCE, HYALURON SKIN DIVE, NO NEEDLE BOTANICAL LIFTER 3x] 
  • For lasting results, it is recommended to use regularly 1–2 times a week. 

Key ingredients:  

Konjac root - An active ingredient from the tuber of the devil's tongue grown in Southeast Asia. it is particularly rich in the polysaccharide glucomannan, which effectively bind and store water to replenish the moisture deposits of the skin. It leaves a silky film of moisture on the skin.

The active ingredient composition of apple and lychee fruit extract, pectin and a bioferment (from the algae Chlorella Vulgaris and the protein of white lupine)

Provides a long-term moisturizing effect over 12 hours, has strong antioxidant properties, activates blood circulation and invigorates the skin, firms and tightens tissues and smoothes and refines the complexion.

Application:  Peel off the protective film, place the mask on the lip area and leave on for 15 minutes.

Tip: Roll over the mask with the COOL LAVA SKIN ROLLER during the exposure time to support the absorption of the active ingredient.

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