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Model: 1.8977
A Beautiful SecretBioline Jatò is synonymous with quality, research and professionalism. These are the founding values of a company that – for 40 years – has been merging constant scientific research into its products with a consolidated method able to optimize outcomes and guarantee results. The ap..
Model: 1.8632
Fast-absorbing fatigue relief gel with an “ice” effect. Energizes and revives swollen, tired and weary legs, promoting an intense and prolonged sensation of wellbeing and lightness.USE: Massage with light circular movements, starting from the feet and working up the legs, until completely absorbed. ..
Model: 1.8147
A cleansing formula that removes impurities and excess sebum, transforming into a soft foam. It frees clogged pores and prevents the imperfections typical of impure skin, giving your face a feeling of deep cleanliness and freshness...
Model: 1.8651
Lip ScrubLipogel texture with inviting fragrance, for soft and smooth lips.Intense exfoliating action that plumps and oxygenates.Minimizes the visibility of barcode lines and smile lines, for a fresh and plumped look.Enriched with oils and vegetable extracts with soothing and softening properties.Li..
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