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Model: 1.8700
Code Description Quantity Size 1.8001Hydra Milk-cream Cleansing 1 500ml 1.8002 Hydra Lotion Refreshing 1 500ml 1.8049 Exfo Mask Exfoliating 1 200ml 1.8005 Aqua+ Nectar In Drops Intense Moi..
Model: 1.8661
Concentrated serum with a shock action aimed at the imperfections of localized fat deposits and compact cellulite on the belly, thighs, hips and buttocks area. Associated to the Vacuum Lipo Massage, it remodels and redefines the silhouette, giving elasticity and firmness to the skin.MOKA LIPO SERUMc..
Model: 1.8660
Intense body exfoliating treatment. In synergy with the massage, it promotes a strong draining and reactivating action that reduces the appearance of imperfections linked to compact cellulite and localized adiposity.MOKA ACTIVE SCRUBcoffee / brown sugar and sea salt / rice oilSize: 500 ml / 16.9 fl...
Model: 1.8662
Mud massage cream with a thermogenic action. It combines the detox and remineralizing properties of clays with the draining and reactivating action of the massage. Reshapes the contours of the body weighed down by localized fat deposits and compact cellulite.MOKA HOT MUDcoffee silverskin / green and..
Model: 1.8663
Silicone cups are made of medical grade silicone, a material that’s odorless, pliable, flexible, watertight and durable. These qualities ensure that silicone cups are elastic and soft, making them easy to squeeze and allowing practitioners to control the degree of suction; however, they are also thi..
Model: 1.8977
A Beautiful SecretBioline Jatò is synonymous with quality, research and professionalism. These are the founding values of a company that – for 40 years – has been merging constant scientific research into its products with a consolidated method able to optimize outcomes and guarantee results. The ap..
Model: 1.8702
Code Description Quantity Size 1.8024Delicate Milk-cream Cleansing 1 500ml 1.8025 Delicate Lotion Refreshing 1 500ml 1.8026 Delicate Milk-cream Cleansing 1 200ml 1.8027 Delicate Lotion Ref..
Model: 1.8701
Code Description Quantity Size 1.8013Pure Gel Cleansing 1 500ml 1.8014 Pure Lotion Refreshing 1 500ml 1.8017 Pura+ Nectar In Drops Normalizing 1 10X5ml 1.8018 Pura+ Acid Cream Ph Balancing..
Model: 1.8703
Code Description Quantity Size 1.8037Energy Milk-cream Cleansing 1 200ml 1.8038 Energy Lotion Refreshing 1 200ml 1.8035 Energy Milk-cream Cleansing 1 500ml 1.8036 Energy Lotion Refreshing ..
Model: 9.9014
COFFEE SHAPE NEW HOT SUMMER TREATMENT FOR YOUR MENUDouble action intensive treatment compact cellulite & localized fat!Intensive treatment for belly, thighs, hips and buttocks. Combines the Vacuum Lipo Massage, a draining and reactivating massage developed by Bioline Jatò, with three innovative ..
Model: 9.9000
Class limit of 8-10 people – 5-6 hours“Vitamin C and beyond” glow on with De-Ox by Bioline. Treatments as well as homecare products containing vitamin C are highly demanded. This versatile line not only harnesses the power of vitamin C that we know and love but also helps to prevent glycation of the..
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