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Model: 1.1519
High-end natural cosmetic made with prebiotics and probiotics, which restores the microbiome. Sensitive and/or reactive skinsACTION:· Anti-aging 360º.· Strengthens the skin’s fi rst defensive barrier forming a protective shield againstpollution and preventing oxidation.· Improves the skin’s biosenso..
Model: 1.1449
All purpose cleansing gel with Goji Berry Extract which provides balancing function, skin strengthening properties, skin barrier reinforcements and protection of the natural skin flora with Avocado Oil for mature and dry skin...
Model: 1.1409
Your perfect make-up remover with pleasing texture and notable cleansing and toning properties.  Contains peptides from the silk protein known as fibroin that conditions the skin.  adheres to the keratin in the skin providing protective and softening properties , while enhances water reten..
Model: 1.1425
3 en1 Cleanser Deep CleansingMultifunctional cleanser for all skin types. Soft and deep cleansing. Including the eye contour.ACTION:· 3 en 1 multifunctional action: cleanser, toner and make-up remover, in just one step.· Including the eye contour.RESULTS:Skin deeply cleaned, toned and supersoft...
Model: 1.1520
 360° anti-aging natural cream with PRO & PREBIOTIC TECHNOLOGY.Formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and other technologically advanced natural active. Cream with a light texture that strengths the skin’s first defensive barrier creating a protective shield against time thanks to its anti-..
Model: 1.1433
  Moisturizing cream with a strong antioxidant effect thanks to its perfect concentration of the extract of the Tibetan Goji fruit. Cream with a soft and light texture for normal and mixed skins                 ..
Model: 1.1434
  Nutritional cream with a strong antioxidant effect thanks to its perfect concentration of the extract of the Tibetan Gojifruit It is enriched with honey, avocado oil and Shea butter. Cream with rich texture for Normal to dry skin...
Model: 1.1435
Goji Complex has a strong antioxidant effect thanks to its perfect concentration of the extract of the Tibetan Gojifruit (LycuimBarbarum-from organically grown crops, ECOCERT certified.) It is enriched with honey and an active ingredient extracted from beetroot. Goji complex moisturizes, creates&nbs..
Model: 1.1475
Hyperemic gel and soft peeling for the body. Unisex formula for all ages and skin types, at any time of year. Skin preparation for any CASMARA anti-cellulite or slimming body treatment. • Keratoline: enzymatic exfoliant. • Methyl Nicotinate: hyperemic. Key Ingredients: Keratoline and Methy..
Model: 1.1461
Thermoactive Mask provides anti-cellulite effects due to its iodine content which improves the blood circulation, enhances draining and activates the basal metabolism. Stimulating effects help to improve the local blood circulation and the absorption of active substances applied over the skin. Moist..
Model: 1.1463
Body cream with carrot oil base, with lots of beta carotene precursor of vitamin A. This vitamin in the skin is vital to prevent excessive keratinization (rough skin with the formation of scale) of the tissues. It also prevents dryness and hyper-pigmentation (age spots). Use on all skin types. Unise..
Model: 1.1471
Body treatment to help reduce cellulite related symptoms: local accumulation of fat, liquid retention, “orange-peel skin”, etc. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year. Legs and abdomen. Recommended to use in combination with Body Art S-Solution. • Timiline: inhibits lipogenesis. ..
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