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Celluma Light Therapy
Celluma Light Therapy
Transform Your Cellular Health with Celluma.
Looking For Assistance? Our Celluma specialists are highly trained and ready to help walk you through your purchase. Call 1.877.624.4476.
Celluma Light Therapy
Transform Your Cellular Health with Celluma.
Looking For Assistance? Our Celluma specialists are highly trained and ready to help walk you through your purchase. Call 1.877.624.4476.

Celluma Pain Management

Low-Level LED Light Therapy for Pain Management

While light therapy is an excellent tool to combat outward aesthetic concerns such as aging and acne, the whole-body benefits that near-infrared light therapy provides go way beyond skin deep. Many don’t realize just how effective light therapy can be for pain management.

An estimated 20% of American adults suffer from chronic pain, contributing to skyrocketing healthcare bills, lost productivity, and poor quality of life across the nation. What’s more, chronic pain has been linked to opioid dependency, anxiety, and depression. Not only is pain physically debilitating, but it can also affect mental health on a daily basis.

Celluma on Shoulder

What is Infrared Light Therapy?

Much like plants, scientific research has shown that human bodies can absorb particles of light (photons) and transform that light energy into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the form of energy needed to power metabolic processes, improve cellular performance, and encourage tissue repair and regeneration. Modern LED light therapy utilizes three types of wavelengths; Blue, Red, and Near-Infrared. Blue and Red light therapy provide great aesthetic benefits such as acne treatment and increased collagen production, helping to achieve the signature youthful glow people associate with light therapy facials.

Infrared, however, particularly near-infrared, offers a whole new set of medical benefits that are clinically proven to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface layer to target muscle and joint pain at the source, providing much-needed relief for people who suffer from inflammation and injury.

How Does Light Therapy for Pain Work?

In the same way that plants grow by getting their energy from the sun during photosynthesis, Infrared light therapy -- or “low-level light” therapy -- uses specific, proven wavelengths to stimulate a natural response in human tissue that can increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, ease muscle pain, relieve joint stiffness, and enhance overall cell performance on a microscopic level. Infrared light therapy works by boosting cellular energy to encourage and enhance the body’s natural healing abilities.

When tissue is damaged, pain occurs. Human tissue can be compromised in a variety of ways; a sprained ankle, a surgical procedure that didn’t heal properly, or even an overly intense gym session can all cause bodily discomfort and emotional distress. Pain can be short-term or long-term, and because it presents itself differently in every person, it can be extremely difficult to treat.

Celluma’s unique ability to bend, flex, and contour close to the skin’s surface allows cells to absorb even more light energy to achieve maximum restorative potential. Celluma’s unique and superior device design offers pain-relieving therapeutic benefits equal to or better than more powerful and expensive devices, making all-natural pain management a very real possibility for all people who suffer from pain.

Celluma on Back Pain

And you don’t need to visit a clinic to experience the benefits of Infrared light therapy. In just 30 minutes a day, Celluma’s portable and lightweight device lets you achieve the same level of professional treatment in the comfort of your own home or on the road. Even better, treatment is non-invasive, requires no recovery time, and can be used on all skin types.

From chronic pain management to improved exercise tolerance, light therapy has been clinically proven to provide therapeutic benefits across an array of medical applications, penetrating deep beyond the skin’s surface to enhance health at the cellular level.

Celluma LED light therapy is a modern approach to chronic pain management. Free from harmful chemicals and the risk of dependency, light therapy is a more natural method of healing your body from the inside out. Rather than simply masking pain, Celluma light therapy works differently to treat the underlying condition, enhancing tissue repair and performance, and allowing your body to perform at an optimal level of health and wellness.

With Celluma’s light therapy technology and unique body contouring device design, you can regain and maintain your body’s natural vitality without the need for prescription drugs and their dangerous side effects, leading to long-lasting, life-improving pain management you can rely on.

Medically prescribed pain killing drugs work by blocking pain receptors in the brain, alleviating the symptom but not fixing the cause. Even worse, opioids can be extremely addictive and the risk of addiction significantly increases when they are used on a regular basis to manage long-term chronic pain. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 90 Americans die by opioid overdose every day.

Chronic pain management is an American health crisis. Thankfully, there are other treatment options available. Light therapy for pain management is a non-invasive and side effect free alternative to the use of opioids.

How Can Infrared Light Therapy Help with Pain Management?

Poor circulation and the lack of oxygen and other essential molecules (i.e., glucose, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)) in blood vessels can cause pain or a lack of sensation. Light energy stimulates the release of nitric oxide, causing blood vessels to increase in diameter (vasodilation) and allowing more blood flow, oxygen, and other important factors to be delivered. This increase in oxygen and nutrients, along with stimulation of the light energy emitted from Celluma LED devices increases ATP production, which activates pain relieving pathways. This decreases pain and inflammation, and increases tissue regeneration in the localized area.

When it comes to effective treatment of pain conditions with LED light therapy, wavelength is key. Compared to blue light therapy, near-infrared wavelengths can penetrate deep into the muscle and joint tissue to alleviate pain, increase circulation and decrease inflammation. Infrared light therapy provides compromised cells with extra energy to accelerate the natural repair of compromised tissue cells, foster cell production, and restore homeostasis within the body.

Originally developed by NASA engineers for pain management and injury treatment on long-term space missions, light therapy is used today as a safe and natural method of treating a variety of pain and skin conditions. But you don’t need to be an astronaut to reap the benefits of Infrared light therapy for pain, and you don’t need to travel to space. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your house. With the development of portable Infrared light therapy device design, people can take advantage of self-administered light therapy at home. However, not all light therapy is created equal.

Why is Celluma Light Therapy for Pain Management Different?

Celluma’s approach to pain management is inspired by light, proven by science, FDA cleared and Health Canada approved. Celluma’s versatile, all-in-one Blue, Red, and Infrared light therapy systems are effective on different parts of the body, and treats an array of pain-causing conditions.

Unlike other LED light therapy devices on the market, Celluma has the unique ability to contour close to the skin’s surface for increased light absorption and optimal therapeutic efficacy.

Light Therapy for Pain Management Demo

LED Light Therapy vs. Cold Laser Technology

In comparison, LED Light Therapy has been shown to be more cost-effective and easier for patients and professionals to administer.

LED Light TechnologyCold Laser Technology
Conforms to the BodyDoes not Conform to the Body
Large Treatment Area
Celluma PRO treatment area: 16" x 8"Celluma ELITE treatment area: 16" x 8"Celluma LITE treatment area: 14" x 6"
Very Small Treatment Area
1" diameter
Polychromatic Light
Advanced technology provides three different wavelengths to work synergistically to treat a variety of skin and muscle issues at varying depths, from the surface of the skin to the subcutaneous layer
Monochromatic Lasers
Lasers are typically monochromatic, meaning they are limited to one wavelength, making them less versatile, and restrict how many issues they can treat
Low-Level LightLow-Level Light
Incoherent Light
Proven to be safe
Coherent Light Beam
Lasers emit coherent light which has been linked to risk of thermal injury to tissue and retina
PortableSometimes portable, depending upon laser brand and components
Yes, option to resale/rent to patientNo, in-office use only with a trained professional present