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Spa, Salon & Medspa Coaching

Have an experienced and professional coach to assist and support you to further develop your business.


Experience. Results. Resources.

Created and driven by the ongoing needs of the spa and wellness industry, and its members, this personalized service has been designed specifically to address the requirements of the spa, saloon and medspa professionals in the challenges of developing a successful business. Success starts with leadership that is open to learn as much as they can from the best practices in the industry as well as shifting their view as the world around them changes.

Robert Cass

His 23 years of experience of working with entrepreneurs has provided Rob the progressive and creative mindset required to make meaningful and productive change quickly and efficiently.

Antonella Calandra

Her passion combined with diverse background in retail, business and operations management will be influential to creating unique solutions to maximize business growth and measured success.

Having an experienced and professional coach to assist and support you to further develop your business. This valuable resource will enhance the smallest or largest business where you can get support, advice and guidance to continue to fix, maintain and grow your business.

Model: 9.9030
As a spa esthetician, you know how important it is to have a positive and confident mindset when dealing with clients. But sometimes, you may face challenges that affect your mood and performance. That's why we created this mindset training webinar for spa estheticians. In this webinar, ..
Model: 9.9031
Join us for an informative and engaging webinar on the latest trends and best practices in retail product sales for spa estheticians. You will learn how to effectively communicate the benefits and features of your products, how to create a personalized and memorable customer experience, and how to i..
Model: 9.9036
Working in the Woke of Today’s World Are you a spa owner who wants to take your business to the next level? Do you want to learn how to motivate your staff, attract more customers, and increase your profits? If so, you don't want to miss this motivational training! In this on-site training,..
Model: 9.9032
Do you want to increase your sales and customer satisfaction as a spa esthetician? If so, you don't want to miss our upcoming webinar on upsell and upgrading techniques. In this webinar, you will learn how to identify your clients' needs, offer them additional services or products, and handle any ob..
Model: 9.9033
Are you looking for ways to increase your spa profits and grow your business? Join us for this exclusive webinar where we will share the keys to spa success for owners and leaders of spa businesses. You will learn how to implement best ordering and inventory management practices, optimize your prici..
Model: 9.9034
Join us for a webinar training on guest experience excellence in a spa. Learn how to create a memorable and relaxing experience for your guests, from the moment they book their appointment to the time they leave your spa. Discover the best practices for greeting, communicating, and pampering your gu..
Model: 9.9035
Join us for a webinar on how to conduct effective sales consultations for your spa clients. You will learn how to identify your clients' needs, present your services and products in a compelling way, and close the deal with confidence. Whether you are new to the industry or want to refresh your skil..
Model: 9.9037
This training will help you learn how to build an accountable team and design compensation strategies for owners and leaders of spa businesses. You will discover the best practices for hiring, training, motivating and retaining your staff, as well as how to align their goals with your vision..
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