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Model: 8.9147
The Anima Flow is the perfect way to add Hydrodermabrasion to your treatment room! This is perfect for you to pair with your existing modalities to create bespoke treatments for your clients.HydrodermabrasionHydrodermabrasion is a deep dual exfoliation that exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin us..
Model: 8.9130
The Anima Ares is a powerful and versatile system that allows you to offer two of the most popular exfoliation treatments on the market: Hydrodermabrasion and Microdermabrasion. Having both of these modalities together makes creating customized treatments for your clients easy. The Anima Ares h..
Model: 8.9131
The Anima Element Hydro-dermabrasion and Oxygen infusion is a perfect way to introduce your clients to hydrodermabrasion. Even your clients that have had hydrodermabrasion have not had the special Element Facial. The Element is unique because it is so versatile and allows you to work on all skin typ..
Model: 8.9145
Tighten and Tone the skin and Muscles with the Libra. The Libra gives you the ability to tone the skin by increasing collagen and elastin production with radiofrequency and also gives you the ability to tighten and tone the muscles underneath the skin with microcurrent gloves. This combination can r..
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