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Model: 4.1554
Diamond hand and finger callus fine that gently removes dry, hard skin on each side of the nails. The flexible contoured shape allows easy maneuvering around the nails...
Model: 4.1555
Semi-flexible diamond file for very thick natural nails and toe nails. Ideal finishing file for all types of sculptured nails...
Model: 4.1550
Flexible diamond files for weak, brittle natural nails and also used as a finishing file. Nail File Colour: White..
Model: 4.1551
Flexible diamond files for regular strength natural nails. Ideal for most nail types as a maintenance file. Nail File Colour: Lilac..
Model: 4.1552
Flexible diamond files for very thick natural nails, toe nails and sculptured nails. Nail File Colour: Violet..
Model: 4.1553
Semi-flexible, powerful diamond file for major filing of sculptured nails. Excellent for acrylic nails. Nail File Colour: Dark Grey..
Model: 4.1556
A fine foot buffer that exfoliates dry skin. Ideal for a smooth finish. Foot Buffer Colour: Black..
Model: 4.1557
A medium grit foot buffer for regular maintenance between pedicures. Foot Buffer Colour: Black..
Model: 4.1521
DIAMANCEL La Petite #1 Fine..
Model: 4.1522
DIAMANCEL La Petite #2 Medium..
Model: 4.1523
DIAMANCEL La Petite #3 Course..
Model: 4.1518
DIAMANCEL Mini File #1 fine..
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