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Model: 3.2605
Concentrated exfoliant with smoothing effect containing alpha hydroxy acids and natural microspheres for soft and compact skin. Its regular application - especially on the 3 days before the hair removal treatment - helps the removal of ingrown hairs.For all skin types. It makes your skin soft and fi..
Model: 3.2606
HIGH PERFORMANCE WAX is white colored, with coconut/frangipani scents, it does not contain colophony. It is specific for very short hair (first re-growth) or thick hair and for small sensitive areas (face, armpits, bikini). Thanks to the revolutionary multi-directional application and to the very lo..
Model: 3.2608
In honey color and with beeswax, particularly suitable for application on large areas, it allows reducing the treatment times remarkably. HONEY SUPREME WAX sticks to the hair and envelopes it perfectly, thanks to the vegetable resins, with a soft effect on the skin. Its plasticity allows the beautic..
Model: 3.2615
Delicate hydrating gel emulsion containing hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, vitamin E, suitable to normalize, soothe and in- tegrate any type of skin after the waxing treatment. Thanks to its active principles, it is suitable for small sensitive areas.NO PARABEN, NO VASELINE, NO MINERAL OILS..
Model: 3.2612
A cream with an innovative formula thanks to the pool of active substances contained inside (Zinc Oxide, Triethyl Citrate, Beeswax, Citric Acid) it performs an anti-inflammatory action, inhibits the formation of unpleasant odors, prevents excessive sweating and has an anti-microbial action. The prod..
Model: 3.2611
Emulsion based on an innovative formula with active ingredient of vegetable origin, extracted from “Larrea divaricata” which boasts a progressively retardant effect on the hair re-growth and weakens the hair (proven by bibliography), cha- momile and great St. John’s wort extract boasting protective,..
Model: 3.2604
Sinergy of natural oils with safflower and grape seeds oil suitable for very sensitive and reddened skin. Safflower oil has restructuring and repairing properties and keeps your skin supple. Special high absorption formula.Instant drying post-waxing restoring oil. A synergy of natural oils enriched ..
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