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Lashes & Brows

Model: 1.5032
- Compact model - Precise intensity adjustment control - Integrated holes for electrodes - Handle with retratable and coiled wire..
Model: 4.1560
Make Up Case - Black - Small..
Model: 1.5022
This beautiful, shiny crystal plate helps regulate the temperature of any MICHA adhesive used during the application of extensions by keeping it cool and preventing it from drying out...
Model: 1.3044
A protective serum that coats the finished eyelash extension set and forms a protective barrier around the adhesive, guarding it from water and oil. Extends the life of lash extensions..
Model: 1.3038
For removing eyelash extensions. The gel texture ensures a mess-free application; the product does not run all over the surfaces, or into the eyes and onto the skin of the client. MICHA’s GEL remover does NOT need to be refrigerated.-Colour: Clear-EXPIRY: NONE..
Model: 1.5000
An adhesive that is fast-drying (2 to 3 seconds) that is great for students due to its properties. It does not dry as fast as MICHA Ultra Bond Glue, giving new lash technicians more time to perfect their placement. To be used only by qualified technicians or students undertaking a MICHA training cou..
Model: 1.5001
Ultra Bond adhesive is for advanced Lash Techs only. It has an extremely fast drying time; the technician must be certain of themselves and the placement of extensions before using it. ALL MICHA adhesives must be stored in the refrigerator.-Colour: Black-Bond Length: 5 – 8 weeks if all proper afterc..
Model: 1.5043
This specialized protein remover and primer removes all eye makeup, dirt, oil, and other particles to create an ultra clean canvas for a better, efficient eyelash extension application. Make up remover for those with eyelash extensions. Also promotes longer eyelash extension bondage life...
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