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Manicure & Pedicure

Our manicure and pedicure products, carefully chosen to meet the diverse needs of your clients. From tools designed for precision, to luxurious products that enhance the pampering experience, we have it all. Our range of manicure and pedicure tools is crafted to provide professional results, ensuring precision and efficiency in every service. From nail polishes to moisturizing lotions, our products are formulated with quality in mind.

Model: 7.1040
Up to 40,000 hour lifespan48 LED beads - 3 WattsSlim lighting tube rotates 360 degreesFlexible arm bends easily for redirection of lightRemovable table clampBrushed aluminum finish..
Model: 4.1555
Semi-flexible diamond file for very thick natural nails and toe nails. Ideal finishing file for all types of sculptured nails...
Model: 4.1550
Flexible diamond files for weak, brittle natural nails and also used as a finishing file. Nail File Colour: White..
Model: 4.1551
Flexible diamond files for regular strength natural nails. Ideal for most nail types as a maintenance file. Nail File Colour: Lilac..
Model: 4.1552
Flexible diamond files for very thick natural nails, toe nails and sculptured nails. Nail File Colour: Violet..
Model: 4.1553
Semi-flexible, powerful diamond file for major filing of sculptured nails. Excellent for acrylic nails. Nail File Colour: Dark Grey..
Model: 4.1556
A fine foot buffer that exfoliates dry skin. Ideal for a smooth finish. Foot Buffer Colour: Black..
Model: 4.1557
A medium grit foot buffer for regular maintenance between pedicures. Foot Buffer Colour: Black..
Model: 4.1521
DIAMANCEL La Petite #1 Fine..
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