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Facial Machines: Spavaro is an authorized distributor for Gulfstream Inc, Equipro, Touch of America and other premium brands. We are a preferred spa/salon equipment supplier to some of the most luxurious hotels, resorts, day and medical spas. We offer a variety of stylish and superior quality; Teeth Whitening System, Microdermabrasion Crystal, Infrared Double Lamp, Diamond Dermabrasion, and Equipro Rotoderm Rotary Brush.
Model: 8.9007
Our latest generation blackhead remover uses the intelligent constant force technology and air pump technology, super strong physical suction which is effective to get rid of blackheads and acne. The application can shrink and repair pores, so that blackheads do not regenerate! FEATURES Compac..
Model: 8.9002
This item is an accessory component to the Vapoderm. The stand is designed to accommodate that of EquiPro Vapoderm and should be purchased in conjunction with that specific product as some components may be proprietary. This stand includes 5 wheeled legs and an adjustable height.EquiPro Base For Vap..
Model: 8.9099
• Available in 5 diopters (63605) • 1 1/2 times larger lens than regular models • High impact polymer • Instant start • Arm movement tested over 140 000 • Neck movement tested over 300 000 cycles • Arm extension 47" • Colour: white with black accents • Spring balanced, 19mm square s..
Model: 8.9095
A quality facial steamer is one of the many tools aestheticians rely on, and if you are in the market for one that is durable and easy to use, the Classic EI-111 is the right fit for you. It features an adjustable arm, rotating, no-drip spray nozzle and security thermostat. It also comes with a 42-o..
Model: 8.9105
The Dainolite Magnifier Lamp by Equipro is one of the brands and models estheticians rely on to accurately analyze their clients' skin. This magnifier lamp makes even the minutest details visible. After analyzing the skin and determining the skin type (dry, oily, combination, etc.), you will be arme..
Model: 8.9009
With the Equipro De Luxe professional facial steamer, you can fully customize your unit to include only the functions that you need and/or want. This compact facial machine is perfect for small spaces and is designed to allow you to group up to nine functional options of your choice on a sin..
Model: 8.9097
Treat your clients to the comforting feeling of having their feet and ankles wrapped in soothing warmth with these heating ankle boots by Equipro. These 60 watt boots feature three heat levels with thermostatic temperature control to achieve the perfect comfort level for your client's needs. Equipro..
Model: 8.9096
Treat clients to the ahh-mazing effects of heating mittens. These mitts are designed to provide soothing warmth to hands during manicure treatments or thermal therapy. In addition to feeling incredible and improving blood circulation, the heat of the mitts helps to prep the skin by opening the pores..
Model: 8.9123
Whether you are adding a high frequency machine to your lineup of facial equipment or are replacing an old one, the HF-3000 High Frequency Machine from Equipro is a quality choice. There are several benefits of using a high frequency machine on your skin - reducing blackheads and enlarged pores, inc..
Model: 8.2156
Sometimes the best thing to use is the thing that has been around the longest. This is that hot towel warmer unit.Better made than most. This great hot towel cabbie is our high quality model. High quality all metal exteriorand interior. Fold down door ensure a long life for your towel cab.Holds up t..
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