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Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to be able to flash a lovely smile with shiny white pearly teeth.
We have spent many years researching and developing our own product that is easy to use, safe and cost effective.  We have a hygienic technique, all items are individually wrap and disposable to comply with health board regulations. Gellen Pearl is strictly self administered, the  technician does not touch the client’s mouth, the technician simply assess and assist with the treatment.
Our whitening gel is Health Canada registered and approved.
Gellen Pearl is safe and gentle for teeth and gums, ensuring sensitivity free treatments. After performing hundreds of booster whitening sessions, our clients have seen a 2-4 shade difference. Our whitening's only take 15-20 minutes allowing clients and technicians to multitask at home or business.
Cosmetic teeth whitening is the perfect treatment to add to your list of services at your Spa, barbershop, tanning salon, fitness club, dental office, or other personal service facility.

Why Gellen Pearl?
  • Provides NEW and trendy products and service that delivers additional revenue!
  • 40-50% GM for service providers
  • Great return on investment and affordable treatment pricing for clients
  • Canadian made gels that have proven results
  • Red/blue led lights to speed up the whitening process
  • Safe and sensitivity free
  • Hygienic quality individually wrapped products
  • Wide range of potential clients
  • Promotional product literature
Guaranteed results!
ONLY Gellen Pearl offers certificate training
Model: 5.1117
This kit is for at home teeth whitening treatments. It includes:3 x 35% Carbamide Peroxide Syringes (enough for 9 treatments)9 gum barrier swabs1 silicone mouth tray1 tray case1 mini Blue LED light1 teeth shade paper guideinstruction sheetOur gels are:Made in USAVeganGluten FreeCruelty FreeSuga..
Model: 5.1116
This kit is for salons or clinics only. Professional service line (in salon).Kit includes:1 x syringe (your choice of syringe strength) (1 syringe = 3 treatments)6 gum barrier swabs6 oral brush wipes3 dental bibs3 mouth trays..
Model: 5.1114
This Pro Pearl Starter System #1 is for salons / clinics only.This system includes:Floor blue/red LED lightProfessional shade guideGoggles17 Pro Pearl Kits (for 51 in salon treatments)3 Classic Pearl Kits (for retail, customer at home treatments)After care cards(1 syringe = 3 treatments)FREE trainin..
Model: 5.1115
This Pro Pearl Starter System #2 is for salons / clinics only.This system includes:Rechargeable blue/red LED pod lightPro shade guide5 Pro Pearl Kits (for 15 in salon treatments)5 Classic Pearl Kits (for retail, customer in home treatments)After care cards (1 syringe = 3 treatments)FREE training and..
Model: 5.1118
Blue/Red/Purple LED light with stand..
Model: 5.1119
Portable blue/red LED light with charging stand..
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