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We carry Manicure and Pedicure Tools that promise precision, durability, and an enhanced salon experience. From professional-grade nail clippers to ergonomically designed files, our collection is curated to meet high standards of spa professionals like yourself.

We customize packages for manicure and pedicures based  on your needs. Call us for details.

Model: 4.1550
This flexible diamond file is designed for those with fragile nails or thin nails or nails that are prone to breaking. Streamlined and precise, it’s ideal for professional use, providing a smooth, even finish.Use this diamond  file to finish your natural nails after using the #2 Flexible file –..
Model: 4.1571
Corn Blades 10 pcs..
Model: 4.1658
Credo Callus shaver..
Model: 4.1573
 Cuticle Nipper S.S 2mm jaw 659 DSR2 Germany..
Model: 4.1574
Cuticle Nipper S.S 4mm jaw 659 DSR4 Germany..
Model: 4.1575
Cuticle Nipper S.S 6mm jaw 659 DSR6 Germany..
Model: 4.1601
Professional stainless steel cuticle nipper with double spring and jaw-like blades. Size: 4” Blade Size: ¼” (4mm)..
Model: 4.1661
Cuticle Pusher 4 inches both sides flat - EP!..
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